Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping

The Perfect Final Touch

While parking lot striping is often the last step we take during the asphalt maintenance process, it is the most important one. If the striping is not perfectly aligned, the entire project can be ruined! 

Luckily, Carolina Asphalt Sealcoat takes extra care to perform this service correctly so you are entirely satisfied with your new parking lot.
In addition to our parking lot striping, we can also provide the following parking lot markings:
• Special Parking Stripes
• Traffic Markings
• Handicap Ramps
• Speed Bumps

We use optimal striping tools and equipment to perform our parking lot striping service for you. Straight lines and genuine focal appeal are two definite results of our hard work. When we complete this process, it will be easy to tell your asphalt parking lot was done by true professionals, and it will look impressive for years to come.

Welcome Your Customers

Our parking lot striping services are meant to provide you with a paved surface that looks professional in the eyes of your customers. We keep a close eye on detail, design, and overall presentation when performing this service. We’re always ready to exceed the expectations of our clients so you can feel confident about the appearance of your business.
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